Who remembers New Years Eve 2020? Funny to think back now to how close together we were all sitting – with other households and the only bubbles were the ones in the Prosecco. 

my wellness tips 2021

Those were the days – Me and my friends on New Years Eve 2019!

Looking ahead to 2021 and I started to think about how I can make this year better. While I cant control what is going on in the world, I can control how I take care of myself and knowing what makes me feel good (and what makes me feel like crap)

I’m here to share my wellness tips that I am heading into 2021 with.

Wellness tips going in to 2021

1. Take time for you

wellness tips for 2021Life can get pretty fast paced. Whether I am busy trying to build a business or chase after my little one,  I need to make sure I take time for me. After all, I can’t fill from an empty cup!

Time for me could be doing something I love, like watching a favorite TV show, having a warm bath or a little pampering with a CBD hot chocolate. This one of my best wellness tips gives you a good excuse to sit back and relax.

2. Find an activity that you enjoy

wellness tips for 2021Studies have found that an average of 45 minutes aerobic exercise at a moderate intensity 3 times a week has an overall antidepressant effect. 

With this in mind, my wellness goal is to find an activity that I actually enjoy. 

It is all well and good someone saying “exercise and it makes you feel better” but I hate spinning and the gym so I know I won’t stick at it. I am going to try lots of different activities to see which one is best suited to me. 

I’m thinking roller skating swimming, classes, bootcamps, yoga, ice skating, climbing! 

3. Get your supplements

wellness tips for 2021I know first hand that being low on certain things can affect how I feel, from my mood to my energy. 

I know supplements aren’t designed to replace a healthy diet, but I believe they do give me those additional extras which I might not always be able to pick up from food, such as B12 (I am a veggie) and vitamin D (England is cloudy!)

I find that taking supplements first thing in the morning after teeth brushing helps me to remember to take them. 

Here are some of the supps I take:

  • Magnesium 
  • Vitamin C
  • Maca
  • CBD oil
  • Vitamin D

Want to know about supplements after hysterectomy then read our blog to hear the specific ones I take for that. 

4. See friends

wellness tips for 2021I’m writing this at a time when seeing friends has never felt more special.

While we might not still be able to live how we were before 2020 and go inside houses and for brunch with our besties, I can still see them, I’ve just got to get creative! 

Maybe I’ll meet outside for a walk, or a coffee in the park. Whether I’m allowed to see them inside or outside, or just on a screen, I am going to get some face time with my friends in 2021 as one of my wellness tips to myself for this year.

5. Keep a diary

wellness tips for 2021Writing down my thoughts every day can be very therapeutic. It can help me offload some of my troubles. I find it is also a great way to inspire creativity, relieve stress and allow for self reflection.

I just forget about correct sentences, structure or how pretty your writing looks. I just write down exactly what’s on my mind in that moment, sometimes I don’t even keep it! In fact, I find throwing it away will allow me to get really honest with the diary as I can feel certain no one will read it. 

6. Meditate

wellness tips for 2021I never thought I would be in to sitting still for long enough to meditate, but just 5 minutes of meditation and deep breathing each day can be very beneficial to my mental health.

A moment of stillness can help me to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and give me a new perspective. 

Meditation isn’t easy and certainly is a skill to practice! I started by using an app to get. Personally I found Headspace app very helpful. 

7. Get some shut eye

wellness tips for 2021It is too tempting to watch that extra episode, or fall deep into an Instagram or Tik Tok hole before bed. I set myself a bedtime and have an actual nighttime routine (believe it or not that crime drama before bed is actually going to wind you up!)

I try reading a few pages of my book, have a warm caffeine free drink with a dose of Pretty Peaceful and switch off.

Being tired can effect my mood and food choices, not to mention skin! 

My mind and body will thank me for that wellness tip!

We have to look after ourselves as well as each other. Not only during these strange times but always.

What will be your wellness tip to take into 2021?


I'm Becky! I studied creative writing at uni and am a content strategist. I love reading, climbing up mountains and wearing a little too much tye dye. I'm also a Personal Trainer for women, I try not to count calories and really want to start a business where I make and sell cookies. A true sagittarius - I am adventurous, restless and hate being told what to do.

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