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When you decide to start trying for a family, it is likely all you think about. It certainly was for me! It can consume your every thought, especially if it doesn’t happen in the first month like you always envisioned. This might leave you Google things like “how to get pregnant fast”, you may have even stumbled across whether CBD can help you get pregnant. 

On average, it takes couples six cycles to get pregnant. However, this can be more or less depending on a number of factors, including timing, stress levels, and even sleep. If it has been over a year and you’ve not seen those two pink lines just yet, then it is recommended to see a specialist. 

Could CBD help me get pregnant?

cbd to get pregnant

When I was trying for a baby I was up for everything, and no doubt you are too. The internet has a wealth of ideas and old wives’ tales that you think you may as well try. A new idea is using CBD to help you to get pregnant. 

In this blog, we will share the thinking behind this so you can decide whether you think it is a good idea for you to try.

CBD may help you to relax

relax to get pregnant

If people know you’re trying for a baby then you might have heard them say “relax and it will happen.” While this isn’t the most helpful thing to hear, being stressed isn’t ideal when it comes to baby-making.

CBD may help to regulate cortisol secretion, which is the stress activating hormone. Being stressed can also delay ovulation, meaning that while you think you have your timing down, it is all off because of the stress you are under. 

CBD may help you get to sleep 

rest and relaxation to get pregnant

Lack of sleep in women may have an effect on fertility. The hormones that trigger ovulation may well be connected to the body’s sleep-wake pattern. A lack of sleep over a long period of time can affect the release of the hormone LH which triggers ovulation. In turn, this can cause irregularity in your menstrual cycle. 

CBD has been known to help you to relax and promote feelings of calm. If you are someone who struggles to switch off at night, then a dose of CBD and a little meditation could do the trick. 

CBD may help boost your mood

enhanced mood get pregnant

Your mood and mental wellbeing may play a role in getting pregnant. Studies have found links between poor mental health and low fertility rates. Stress, anxiety and low mood can all have an impact on ovulation in women and sperm production in men.

CBD is said to help your body use its own serotonin, the happy hormone. This boosts mood, which is also ideal if you are feeling a little low or even have reduced libido. 

CBD contains Omega 3

omega 3 for TTC

We have heard that Omega 3 fatty acids might help to improve egg quality and lower inflammation in the body. Having healthy egg quality will be paramount in a successful pregnancy. Studies have also found the Omega 3 may improve ovulation, increase cervical mucus and regulate hormones. 

Will CBD help me get pregnant?

Obviously, we cannot say for sure, however, some of the ways in which it may help sound promising. There are no documented negative side effects to using CBD, other than possibly feeling sick when taking it on an empty stomach. So it’s worth a try!


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