how to get rid of period cramps fast My period cramps can range from a little niggle, right through to being curled up in a ball feeling like someone is wringing out my uterus out like next week’s washing.


I’ve been looking into period cramps and why one month they’re nothing to write home about and the next I can’t get off the sofa. 

I have found some ways to deal with period cramps. Seem to work wonders for me! 

Why do you get period cramps?

Period cramps come down to hormone like substance, prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are involved in pain and inflammation and trigger the uterus to contract. You can read more about the evil prostaglandins here.

This contraction causes the lining to shred. If you have a high level of these hormone like substances then you are more likely to face more painful period cramps. Some months my levels of these hormone like beasts must be off the charts!!

Why are period cramps worse some months than others?

beat period cramps fast

Period pain is sometimes worse for me. There’s apparently a connection between eating more estrogen based foods which can increase those hormone like substances.

I know when my prostaglandins are in abundance because they can also cause me to have headaches, vomiting and nausea.

Not only are the cramps hell on Earth – why do I get period cramps and diarrhea?!

I’m guessing I am not alone here. The period poops. We’ve all been there. Right? 

My pesky prostaglandins are at it again, contracting my uterus and intestines. I know that while this is a regular symptom of PMS, it is also a sign of endo. (As per the NHS website)

Sometimes I find that NSAIDs can cause GI issues, so I always keep that in mind if I am popping the pain killers.

How I get rid of period cramps 

Period cramps -rule my week no longer!  

1. Heat 

beat period cramps with heat This is one I have been using since I was a teen. Heat. I apply a heat pad to my lower tummy, or wherever is cramping, and enjoy some heat therapy. 

I find that heat helps to relax muscles and reduce the contractions, all while increasing blood flow. 

2. Yoga

Yoga for period pain is a Godsend for me and another way I help to increase blood flow to the pelvis and hips. Performing a few minutes of legs up the wall, child’s pose and other moves, also releases endorphins, making me happier. 

3. Food

beat period cramps fast While I am ALWAYS tempted to dive into the treat cupboard during my period, I know that because I suffer from period cramps I should consider some foods which help reduce prostaglandins. Read all about the foods that affect periods.

These food I try to focus on include:

4. Rest

beat period cramps fast I usually do some gentle  exercise to help get rid of period cramps, but I also listen to my body and rest. 

I go to bed early and try not to rush around too much during the day. 

5. Essential oil massage

beat cramps fast Sometimes I try gently massaging my abdomen using essential oils. The following essential oils are my faves for period cramps:

  • Clary Sage
  • Peppermint
  • Cypresshill Oil
  • Rose
  • Lavender

How to relieve period cramps fast – Summary for the skim readers

My perfect remedy for getting rid of period cramps is some gentle yoga followed by a dark hot chocolate with a pipette of CBD oil and a good TV show.

Lots of Love



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