What helps period pain is something I will be tapping into good old Dr Google when those aches strike. 

Where period pain starts for me

what helps with period pain I know it can actually be different from woman to woman. One of my girlfriends says she feels aches in her stomach. For me, it is my lower back or thighs. Despite the cramps coming from the uterus, they can be felt in different ways. 

What period pain is normal?

what helps with period pain For me, the pain can be dull and constant, or come in intense bursts, but what is normal? How painful should they be?

In the book, Period Repair Manual, the author is adminant that periods don’t actually have to be painful and that various factors from diet to exercise and stress can help ease pains. 

What helps period pain?

Here are a few things that I find help my period pains

  1. Heat
  2. Exercise like walking, jogging or yoga 
  3. Massage

My go to exercise for period pain

what helps with period pain When I am on my period you won’t catch me jumping about a HIIT class. 

I just don’t have the energy!

But, that doesn’t mean I need to avoid exercise.  I really notice that by increasing the blood flow around the pelvis with exercise eases my period pain.

I always try to think about exercise which encourages blood flow in the legs, such as hip bridges, walking, squats and lunges. 

When I am on my period I don’t aim for PBs. I’m just glad to be moving a little! 

Where I massage to help period pains

what helps with period pain I find that massage helps with contractions in my tummy. I tend to massage around my abdominal area to best help with the relief. 

There are also some pressure points which I use to help:

  1. I apply pressure to the skin between the index finger and thumb
  2. I apply pressure about halfway between my knee and ankle, into the calf and tibia muscles
  3. I lie flat and place a little pressure two inches below my belly button
  4. I place my hands on my tailbone and lie down for a few minutes to relieve my pelvis

Why might heat help period pain?

what helps with period pain This is a classic solution to what helps period pain for me. Hot water bottles, heat packs and baths have been the go to for me for years.

I find that heat helps to improve blood flow and relax the muscles in the uterus. 

There’s nothing quite like a warm bubble bath when you are feeling crampy and let’s face it, crappy. 

My Perfect Evening List

  1. Take a drop of Our Remedy in a chamomile tea
  2. Do a yoga flow 
  3. Eat some chocolate 
  4. Have a warm bath with bubbles and a drop of lavender
  5. Put on my fluffy socks and watch a feel-good box set, or hang out with people who make me feel good

What is your perfect evening when your period is getting you down? What helps period pain for you?

Lots of Love, 



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