Period Hack Needed.

The monthly visitor can leave me feeling pretty crap. Headaches, low energy, hormones running wild, aches – to say the least – and tossing and turning trying to get some kip are just a few of the things I might be up against. 

period hacks

What you needed, was a period hack so I can keep plans and carry on through the week without a hitch.

I now know that my time of the month doesn’t have to be something that fills me with dread. 

Our Period Hack

I love Our Remedy oil

No doubt you’ve seen that combo of letters before, but did you know it could make you feel better on your period?

I was quick to ask, Could a natural product make you feel better on your period?

Back and Leg Aches

I’m someone who really suffered with this during my period. It’s the sort of ache that makes you want to do nothing but curl up with a hot water bottle, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. 

Using a dose of this oil daily throughout the month, may help me with this symptom. The cannabinoid has been researched to find that a response between your cells and receptors may help to create an anti inflammatory and pain easing effect. 

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Period Hack for Anxious Moods

I always notice that my heart is like a box of frogs when Aunt Flo comes to stay. This can be down to fluctuating hormone levels.

Cannabinoid oil has been found to have calming properties and is used by many who suffer from anxiety.

Stomach Aches

Stomache aches happen due to your uterus contracting. They can come on suddenly, leaving you feeling hot and flustered.

I find that this cramping could be helped with Our Remedy as the ingredients may relax the smooth muscle tissue which lines the uterus, minimising cramps. 

IBS Symptoms

If you suffer from IBS then you might notice your symptoms are worse during this week. It is because your hormones are changing which directly affects the digestive tract.

You might notice that bloating, stomach aches and diarrhoea are worse during this time. I found that Our Remedy natural oil may help to regulate functions of the gut and digestive secretions.


If what you said to someone 2 weeks ago is popping into your head at 3am and causing you to toss and turn you’re not alone.

Women with PMS are twice as likely to suffer from symptoms of insomnia. Taking a dose of canna bidiol in a hot chocolate or chamomile tea before I hit the hay could really helps me to drift off easier.

Feeling bloody miserable

Coming on when you have big plans is going to make you feel bad enough, without the hormones that come with it!

Feeling bloody miserable or a little stressed during this time is nothing abnormal. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

I try moving your body with some gentle exercise and deep breathing. Our Remedy may also help to improve my mood, leaving me feeling more relaxed and ready for what the day throws at me. 

Period Hack Points

There are a few ways we have found this oil to help make periods better.

I also really rate being around friends who make me feel good and a decent slab of chocolate!

Your periods really don’t need to be something you dread each month. They can be pain and stress free, honestly. 

What is your go to way to feel better on your period? 

Lots of love xxx


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